Custom machines

Exclusive machines for our customers

Regardless of the material and the dimensions of the material you need to test. At Hoytom we value your needs and can provide you with a quotation for a machine that will adapt to your projects.

Our engineering team can cater to your needs and we can create a machine exclusively for you, with the same quality and warranty as the rest of the Hoytom range.

  • hoytom-tor-torsion

    TOR model. Torsion test machine

    Torsion  testing  machines are  used  to  determine  the behaviour  of materials  subjected  to  rotatio-nal loads.  The data obtained from such  tests is used to create a load-deformation graph,  which can be used to ascertain various material properties. 
    This equipment provides precision, the capacity for multiple turns and high torsional rigidity.  The fixed grip, which houses the load cell, is mounted on rails to adapt to different specimen lengths. 
    TOR-MD model includes HoyWin® test control  software, and our custom designed electronics. This  enables  users  to extract  maximum performance  and  precision,  through a  simple  and intuitive interface.

  • hoytom-hmd-testing-machine-150kn-horizontal

    HM-D Horizontal 150kN. Endurance testing

    Designed to test railway overhead line fittings and accessories, and overhead power transmission and distribution lines. Hoytom’s engineering group has designed a machine and software that are capable of running endurance tests in excess of 1,000 hours. Whereby an installation created at the customer’s test laboratory can simulate real-life situations.

  • hoytom-hmd-testing-machine-50kn-wrenches

    HM-D 50kN. For testing different types of wrenches

    This machine has been specifically prepared for testing different types of wrenches such as Heavy Duty, chain or Swedish pipe wrenches, according to standards UNE 16554 and UNE 16555. To this end a specific tool has been adapted to the HM-D desktop model, in this case the 50kN. And the HBM force transducer has been protected from lateral forces, to enable measurement of the applied vertical force component.

  • hoytom-hmd-testing-machine-200kn-doli-electronics

    HM-D 200 kN. Large Part Testing + DOLI Electronics

    Based on our HM-D Lab Series machine, this version has been adapted according to customer specifications to test very heavy and large parts. It has an extended T-slotted base (1000 x 1500 mm) which creates a comfortable testing area when handling large parts. The machine also includes Doli brand electronics.

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