Material Testing Software

HoyWin® software is available for Hoytom testing machines. HoyWin® has been designed to be an extension of our testing instruments, providing efficient operation and powerful analytical tools for each test.

  • HoyWin® software
  • PC + Monitor + Keyboard + Mouse
  • Microsoft Windows PRO

Creation of test definition files with up to 10 user defined fields

To ensure test definition, test files can be created, or opened after having been run, thereby providing identification and the option to recover and query settings at any time.


Test speed based on strain rates (Method A) and on stress rates (Method B) according to EN ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8.

Creation of machine control files

Predefined control files for executing main tests according to international standards. Test speed based on strain rates (Method A) and on stress rates (Method B) according to EN ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8. Optional easy user programming of different machine control files, with up to 20 steps for the definition of other required tests.

These steps can be adjusted for:

  • Stress rate (MPa s-1)
  • Strain rate (s-1)
  • Parallel length strain rate (s-1)
  • Grip separation rate (mm s-1)

Creation of specimen files for the definition of

  • Specimen type
  • Specimen dimensions
    • Original cross-sectional area of the parallel length (S0)
    • Original gauge length (L0)
    • Parallel length (Lc)
    • Extensometer gauge length (Le)
  • Machine control file selection

HoyWin® meets the requirements recommended in "Annex A" to standard ISO 6892-1 on the validation of project software, under the TENSTAND project funded by the European Union

Calculations performed

The HoyWin® program meets the requirements in "Annex A" of standard EN ISO 6892-1 regarding data sampling frequencies, in addition to the validation of machine software. The software can be validated using the files created by the TENSTAND project, funded by the European Union www.npl.co.uk/tenstand

The program is configured for each customer to display different calculations:

  • Rm Tensile strength
  • ReH Upper yield strength
  • ReL Lower yield strength
  • Rp Plastic extension
  • Rt Total extension
  • E Modulus of elasticity
  • A Percentage elongation after fracture
  • ...

Data and chart visualisation

  • Real-time chart visualisation during test execution.
  • Option for the simultaneous visualisation of up to 5 different parameters.
  • Manual selection of chart scales and SI units (International System of Units).
  • Zoomable critical chart areas.
  • On-screen comparison between different charts.
  • Save charts to later visualisation and analysis, even from another PC.
  • Save results in .mdb format for consultation and report creation.

HoyWin® software is available for Hoytom testing machines.
It may also be installed, together with the electronics, on modernisations for other brand machines.

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