"RC Calibración, Hoytom's new distributor in Mexico"

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RC Calibración provides a wealth of experience in calibration and repair services.

Hoytom has recently reached an agreement for the distribution of our machines by the Mexican company, RC Calibración. RC Calibración has more than 30 years' experience in the field of metrology. They provide calibration services accredited by the Perry Johnson Laboratory. They also offer services for updating hydraulic and electromechanical machines.

A few days ago, Reynaldo Cárdenas and Alan Zamora, managers at RC Calibracion  in Nuevo León and Querétaro, visited the Hoytom premises to acquire first-hand knowledge of Hoytom's production and testing equipment. At the same time, they received 5 days of training in concepts such as the mechanics and operation of the HoyWin software.

This commercial agreement is an important boost to Hoytom's expansion in the Latin American market since, in addition to Mexico, RC Calibración offers its services in other Central American countries.


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