Motorised notching machine for plastics Pendulum accessories

The Hoytom motorised notching machine for plastics employs a fast and precise machining process to create notches for Charpy and Izod testing.

The micrometre enables notches to be set with a precision of 0.01 mm. The machine includes a notching blade for Standard EN ISO 179-1.

Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 440 x 240 x 200 mm

Weight: 22 kg.


EN 180, EN ISO 179 B

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ASTM D256/A, ASTM D256/B, ASTM D4812, ASTM D6110, DIN 179-1, DIN 180, EN 179-1, EN ISO 179 A, EN 180, EN ISO 179 B, EN ISO 179 C, ISO 179-1, ISO 180, EN ISO 180 A, EN ISO 180 B UNE 179-1, UNE 180

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