3 year warranty

3 años de garantía

3 year warranty on all Hoytom machines

When you purchase a Hoytom machine it comes with a 3 year warranty.

Hoytom machines are manufactured according to the most stringent standards in the testing machine industry. We are so confident of this that we provide our customers with what nobody else does, a 3 year warranty.

5 años de garantía

In addition, our standard warranty can be extended by an additional 2 years to provide 5 years’ cover, with our Gold 5 Warranty.

Legal text

  1. The commercial warranty is offered in accordance with the terms of the following points, and includes the free repair of machine defects, caused by material or manufacturing defects.
  2. The Hoytom warranty period for new machines is 3 years (5 years in the event of having purchased the Gold 5 Warranty extension). In the case of repairs and modernisations the warranty period is 3 months. The commercial warranty period commences on the date of invoice issued by Hoytom.
  3. The following are excluded from the commercial warranty:
    • Parts subject to wear and tear caused by use or other types of natural wear and tear.
    • Defects detected in the machine, caused by a failure to comply with or breach of the usage and operating instructions included with the machinery, or uses that do not comply with the machine’s intended purpose, or abnormal environmental factors, or extraneous operating conditions, or due to overload, or over voltage, or problems derived from the electricity supply, or inadequate maintenance or cleaning.
    • Defects detected in the machine, due to the use of accessories, complements or spares that are not original Hoytom parts.
    • Machines that have been modified or added to by companies other than Hoytom.
  4. The defects that Hoytom recognises as being included in the commercial warranty will be remedied free of charge, either by repairing the part or the defective machine, or by replacing it with a new part or machine that operates correctly. Any replaced machines or parts shall become the property of Hoytom.
  5. Claims under the Hoytom commercial warranty may be submitted within the commercial warranty period. To do so the customer must contact Hoytom or their sales agent/distributor to asses the situation and how to proceed. The customer will be asked to provide the machine's serial number, in addition to certain documentation such as photos, tests performed, etc. for the purpose of resolving the incident. Any machines or parts presented or dispatched either fully or partially disassembled, shall not be accepted under the Hoytom commercial warranty, unless indicated by Hoytom.
  6. Hoytom reserves the right to request that the customer send the machine to its facilities to provide a better warranty service, where circumstances require. Hoytom also reserves the right to send replacement parts where necessary, to be installed by the customer. Should it be necessary to send the machine to Hoytom, both outgoing and return shipping costs are to be met by the customer. On the other hand, should Hoytom determine that the incident is to be resolved at the customer's premises, the customer must meet the travel and accommodation expenses of the Hoytom technicians, assigned to repair or replace the machine or part under warranty.
  7. This commercial warranty does not cover the repair of other machine defects not expressly stated in these commercial warranty conditions.
  8. The warranty services do not extend, nor renew, the machine’s commercial warranty period. The afore mentioned commercial warranty is applicable to machines acquired from Hoytom or any of its official distributors.

The application of this commercial warranty from Hoytom requires that any potential conflicts between the parties be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Bilbao.

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