"Hoytom gets a makeover"

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The works at Hoytom´s facilities will provide the company with a showroom, meeting area, visitor reception, parking area and a facade totally new.

Hoytom aims to provide a new experience to visitors at its Leioa facilities in Spain. Which is why we have started working on a new open-plan multipurpose space/showroom for visitors and events with meeting room, exhibition area and visitor reception.

The new façade and parking area will bring the building in line with Hoytom´s new corporate identity employed at international trade fairs and on its website.

The works started 4 months ago and will be completed in January 2020. In time for them to be launched at the intercomparison exercise organised by the ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación) [National Accreditation Body] strength and hardness subcommittee, comprised of accredited ENAC laboratories. The intercomparison, which is set to take place over several days in 2020, compares accredited laboratories, including Hoytom, to ensure calibration quality.

See the video on the progress of the works. We are working on a new look.


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