"Hoytom training at Bravo&Bippus"

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In 2017 we aim to continue providing training to quality departments at companies that request this service. This week we visited machining firm Bravo&Bippus in Ampuero, Cantabria. Bravo&Bippus machine engine parts, mainly for the automotive sector. Benchmark company in Cantabria places its trust in Hoytom's quality equipment to maintain the maximum quality of its output.

In this instance our Engineer Jose Vicente Arranz provided some training and gave a talk summarising the different tests Hoytom hardness testers can perform. From Brinell tests, through Rockwell to Vickers. He then set about testing a part Bravo&Bippus is developing for a important automotive project. The team at Bravo&Bippus were keen to guarantee the quality of their parts, and asked Hoytom to provide training on the most appropriate method for testing this specific part.

Our challenge continues to involve the provision of training and the raising of awareness amongst companies, regarding the importance of quality departments and the testing of the materials used to manufacture their products. Training and talks, such as those provided to Bravo&Bippus, help us to achieve this goal.


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