"The 2017 CONTROL fair in Stuttgart"

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The 2017 CONTROL quality assurance fair was held in the German city of Stuttgart between 9 and 12 May.

Over 942 companies occupying 51,000 m2 were visited by almost 29,500 people, who gathered at this benchmark event in Germany and globally. Control and methodology are advancing towards so-called 4.0 status, where everything is automated, measured and controlled. Over the flair's 4 days, Stuttgart provided a clear example of the path the industry has decided to follow. Industry 4.0, understood to involve process automation, production robotization, mass data analysis tools and machine interaction, and other aspects, filled the hallways at CONTROL. During our visit Hoytom participated in several business forums, which highlighted that a growing number of sectors are applying material testing as a means for not just reducing production costs, but also for manufacturing products with improved quality and durability.

Hoytom, a recognised brand amongst the German public, received a great reception and again surprised with the new design of its machines, both in terms of their technical an aesthetic qualities.

CONTROL 2017 web : http://www.control-messe.de/en/control/


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