"New design, faster, more precise and safer. The new Charpy/Izod pendulum impact tester from Hoytom."

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Maintains the reliability of its predecessor, but now comes in an extraordinary new design.

Hoytom has developed a Charpy/Izod pendulum impact tester with the traditional 150, 300, 450 and 750 Joule capacity options that will surprise users on account of how easy it is to run fast test cycles, and due to its precision.

Manufactured using rigid and low friction components, notably its ceramic bearings and high-speed clutch, Hoytom's new pendulum impact tester meets both EN ISO 148 and ASTM E23 standards for metal testing. Its 0.01 J resolution enables tests to be run from 1 J to 80% of the full scale according to ASTM E23, without the need to change the hammer. Its electromagnetic clutch enables the hammer to be launched safely, even by simply closing the safety door. This makes it an ideal pendulum impact tester where speed is critical, such as during low-temperature testing. Its touch screen and data acquisition software make it easy to use for any user.

In addition to its excellent technical characteristics, it immediately impresses with its avant-garde and well-groomed appearance without forgetting user needs. A faithful reflection of this aesthetic and functional duality can be found in details such as its guided specimen collection drawers, its sliding door enclosure and its finishes.

As with the previous model, customers can also purchase a concrete base and a manual or motorized notching machine and thereby be fully equipped for correct laboratory testing.

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