"Modernisation / Retrofit"

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A new lease of life for your testing machine.

At Hoytom we believe in second chances, that's why we offer a testing machine modernisation/retrofit service. Hoytom collaborates with the customer to assess the condition of their machine and determine the level of modernisation required.

A standard modernisation includes HBM load cell installation, motor replacement, and upgraded measurement, control and regulation electronics. The latest HoyWin test software, a large touch screen and a Smart|Remote Control unit are also installed.

If necessary, the modernisation can also include a complete solution such as the replacement, modification or integration of hydraulic components, testing fixtures or even new measuring devices, e.g. extensometers.

Because appearance is important to Hoytom and our customers we always deliver modernised machines in perfect aesthetic condition. This often includes repainting and replacing fairing elements.

Update your machine to the new aesthetic and functional design to enable tests to be performed or consulted regardless of user experience level. HoyWin’s intuitive icons and simple test configuration enable end-users to save time, and intelligently simplify test configuration.


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