"HyTT - Charpy & Izod Impact Tester"

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Hoytom's HyTT combines robustness, reliability, safety and design.

Hoytom introduces its HyTT metal pendulum impact tester for Charpy and Izod testing. Available in capacities of 300, 450 and 750 Joules for the Charpy version and 300 and 450 Joules for the Izod version. Hoytom's HyTT pendulum impact tester enables fast and intuitive testing.

The HyTT reduces testing times thanks to its hammer, which automatically returns to the starting point after each test, thus providing greater productivity and user safety. In addition, the easy-to-open and close sliding door, with the option to launch a test by simply closing the door enables fast test cycles, very common when testing temperature-controlled test specimens according to the ASTM international standard.

All HyTT pendulum impact testers include a foundation base according to EN ISO148-2 and ASTM E23, thus ensuring the correct test value.

The Charpy automatic test specimen centring device for Hoytom’s HyTT range of pendulums, facilitates fast and precise specimen positioning, thereby shortening the time between tests.

The touch screen facilitates intuitive operation and quick reading of test data. You can connect a computer via USB and manage the data via our HoyWin pendulum software.

The safety of our products is a priority at Hoytom and the electromagnetic brake allows the hammer to be launched safely, preventing it from falling even in the event of a sudden drop in mains voltage. The option to release the hammer in a controlled manner via the touch screen facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

In addition, all access doors to the pendulum are kept closed during testing to avoid accidents and opened only according to strictly controlled safe events, which can be triggered via the touch screen.

Our test specimen supports have been designed to perform testing on all 4 sides, thus multiplying their useful life by four compared to conventional supports supplied with other brand pendulum impact testers.

ISO and ASTM standard impact blades are available. Hoytom's HyTT model enables easy, ergonomic and safe blade changing, and the touch screen can be used to position the hammer accordingly.

Hoytom's HyTT Charpy and Izod pendulum impact tester combines robustness, reliability, safety and design.


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