"New HyTT Charpy Pendulum installation at Fogaskerékgyár Ltd in Hungary."

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Our Hungarian distributor Grimas recently installed one of our new HyTT 450J Charpy pendulum impact testers at Fogaskerékgyár Ltd, at their premises in Tata.

Last April, Grimas, a distributor of Hoytom machines in Hungary, commissioned the Hoytom model HyTT 450J Charpy pendulum impact tester at the Fogaskerékgyár Ltd. test laboratory. Commissioning and training services were provided by the Grimas technical team combined with online support from Hoytom technicians. The speed at which the pendulum automatically returns to the starting position, as well as the new automatic centring device and the ability to quickly start tests by simply closing the door, has speeded up the testing process and enabled them to optimise the number of tests, making them more efficient. The ability to easily download test information to the HoyWin test software provides full control of every sample tested. Its virtues also include its functional and modern design, which incorporates a sliding door opening mechanism that makes it more conformable to position specimens and subsequently collect them after testing.

Fogaskerékgyár Ltd has since 1992 been dedicated to the design, manufacture and repair of drive gears, and the manufacture of technical drive elements, toothed parts, machine-cut parts and box-type parts. With an engineering office in Budapest and factories in Tata and Csepel, they supply a large part of the Hungarian industry and their main export destinations are Germany and Austria.

This new model HyTT Charpy pendulum impact tester with a capacity of 450 J will help Fogaskerékgyár Ltd to continue to perform quality controls on its materials and to continue to manufacture its products at the level of quality required by its customers.



































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