"Sector leader Cortizo trusts Hoytom for its quality testing"

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Cortizo is a leader in the European aluminium extrusion sector.

Sara is the head of the extrusion laboratory at Cortizo, and she works with Hoytom's model 200kN HM-D testing machine to verify the properties of the aluminium used in their products. A process that’s key to the pursuit of the highest quality standards and product competitiveness in the marketplace.

Cortizo is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of aluminium and PVC systems for architecture and industry. It has multiple production plants throughout Europe and is present in over 60 countries. Recently, Galician television produced an extensive report on the company, highlighting its innovative production methods and skilled workforce.

Thanks to Cortizo for trusting Hoytom and thanks to Sara for being such a great professional.


Video of Cortizo's testing laboratory at its plant in Padrón (Spain):


Video of the entire programme broadcast by Galician television:



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