"European Quality Week"

ENAC and Hoytom hand in hand since 1996

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The 2017 European Quality Week took place between the 6 and 12 November under the slogan “Quality Transforms!”. It highlighted the importance of quality in a changing and constantly evolving environment. Hoytom as part of the Entidad Nacional de Acreditación [National Accreditation Body] (ENAC) since 1996 took part in this European initiative highlighting the role of accredited companies in ensuring safety and technical rigour according to internationally recognised standards.

Which is why, during the European Quality Week, ENAC reminded companies requiring the services of a certification body at a test or calibration laboratory, that an accredited supplier such as Hoytom can provide them with reliable information on which to make decisions and manage risk, having the utmost technical competence, whilst helping them save time and money by reducing the need to repeat assessments and tests. On the other hand, it also increases the acceptance of their products in other markets, thanks to the recognition agreements that ENAC has entered into with accreditation bodies in over 90 countries.

Accredited tests, inspections and certifications also help create new business opportunities, given that the use of accredited services is valued in public procurement specifications, whilst also demonstrating due diligence in the event of legal action.

In addition to test or calibration laboratory accreditations, ENAC also offers services to all economic sectors and their guarantees translate into safety for consumers in fields as diverse as food and industrial safety, data protection, noise control, electronic transactions, patient care quality, and even in matters of legal compliance.

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