"SEAT apprenticeship school chooses Hoytom"

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From this year onwards, SEAT students will be trained using a Hoytom machine.

The SEAT apprenticeship school in Barcelona has recently purchased a 100 kN HM-D machine. This will give the school's students their first experience with the quality tests on the materials used in the manufacture of car parts. The HM-D model will be used for tensile and compression tests and has a HBM load cell (Class 0.5), a STARK transmission system developed by Hoytom, HoyWin software and a 3-year warranty.

The SEAT apprenticeship school has been training the younger generation for more than 60 years. Its aim is to provide them with the highest possible qualification so that their integration into the SEAT factories and the rest of the Volkswagen group can meet the company's high standards. The qualifications from this school are officially recognised in both Spain and Germany, and are even endorsed for their excellence by the German Chamber of Commerce.

Eduardo Argaluza, Hoytom's laboratory director, gave extensive training to the school's instructors. The aim was to introduce them to the user-friendliness of the machine and the numerous possibilities offered by the HoyWin software.

We would like to thank SEAT for entrusting Hoytom with the important task of training its future employees.


Video of commissioning and training at the SEAT apprenticeship school, Barcelona.


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