"The new Hoytom DI-CP V2 testing machine. Up to 2,000 kN of pure muscle"

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We’ve maintained the essence and the soul of the previous DI-CP V2 but made some structural and aesthetic changes that make it unique.

We present the new Hoytom DI-CP V2 hydraulic testing machine with a 3 year warranty. The same essence and the soul of the previous V2 but reinforced with a 20% more rigid and robust frame and grip assembly, thereby improving test quality and extending the working life of the machine, making it almost eternal. The refresh also covers its hydraulic unit, where we have managed to reduce noise by 24% during operation, cutting it to the bare minimum.

It also includes a notable aesthetic refresh and more model-related accessories. As with the previous version, tension and compression testing can be performed without changing fixtures thanks to its two testing areas, thereby avoiding downtime during fixture changes. This model follows the example set by the HM-D model and continues to be the flagship Hoytom’s range of universal testing machines.

Available in 1,500 and 2,000 kN versions, the device is also extremely precise when testing with small forces from 0.4% FS. In addition, the HoyWin software helps to minimise operator intervention, thereby reducing the time between tests.

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