"HM-V, ready for testing flexible and aluminium packaging"

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British company WZ Packaging equips its laboratory with Hoytom's HM-V 1kN machine.

WZ Packaging Ltd in the UK purchased our HM-V 1kN materials testing machine to help test a multitude of food packaging and new material innovations in their quality control laboratory. WZ Packaging Ltd specialises in the conversion of flexible packaging with a wealth of experience and expertise in premium aluminium-based packaging materials. Furthermore, WZ Packaging Ltd. is a member of the Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) association. The association's work focuses on market information, sustainability and recycling activities as well as food contact legislation.

With this new Hoytom HM-V materials testing machine, WZ Packaging Ltd are more firmly assured of the highest quality standards, conducting extensive testing to ensure that their customers minimise waste levels of their packaging materials and ensuring that the product is the most suitable for every need.

WZ Packaging produce printed and laminated foil and film products for many key food producers. They are a highly innovative company, focused on providing their customers with packaging technology that delivers a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Furthermore, they are accredited by industry credentials BRCGS, ISO 9001, FSC®, FDA, and DMF.

The Hoytom HM-V 1kN materials testing machine purchased by this British company is equipped with pneumatic grips. Like the entire HM-V range, it is also equipped with HoyWin testing software and the Smart|Remote Control.


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